033: Parallels of Life and Graffiti
The Graffiti Machine PodcastFebruary 11, 2021
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033: Parallels of Life and Graffiti

This week Bus talks with Callye Keen, a physical product manufacturer and coach, entrepreneur, artist, designer, and host of the End Hype podcast. Callye and Bus discuss different ways the knowledge and skills graffiti writers develop over their careers can directly apply to various real world skills like marketing, entrepreneurship, team building, etc. 

Check out Callye's podcast End Hype on your favorite podcast platforms and YouTube, on Instagram and Twitter @callyekeen. He's also very active on Clubhouse dropping lots of knowledge @callye. Check out Red Blue Collective online at https://www.redbluecollective.com/.

Google the guy. There is much to learn from him.